Still Out!


  1. OOoh Neil... wherever did you find that Ishi Tea?
    Have you been blushing lately? Or just seeking fruity aromas?
    Then again I guess we could ask if your roomate has notified you that you're Wonderfully Aromatic?

    ROFL OK, enough puns off the bottle!
    Where did you find the bottle sir?
    Why are you so bored?

  2. Lance!
    Rishi Tea makes an awesome Plum Oolong tea, which sells out from the Co-Op really fast. A Friend over the mountains loves it, (she has excellent taste in teas by the way) and has asked me to procure some for her. I've been checking in all week - it's supposed to be here any day now but when ever I check the bottle is empty! Pullman is amazing in that it's not boring at all - rather I'm just very . . . preoccupied these days.