Gimping around Idaho

Clarity comes slowly sometimes, only after much work, introspection, and reflection. And sometimes it happens in a moment, in a flash, you might not be able to say what brought it about, what caused it – but it happens – abruptly – explosively - startling you - catching you off your guard. And what was a dim thought, a cloud no bigger than your hand – suddenly is so much more. You see where you stand, laughing because it’s not where you thought you stood, but where you’ve always been. You distrust this clarity, it came on so sudden, and so strong. Will it evaporate just as quickly? Is it false? You wait, hoping to gain perspective and understanding, all the while fearing the unknown.

Strange how knowledge can create more questions than answers at times. And not even the questions you thought it would. Knowledge is so different from understanding, and understanding from action. They are all connected, but by what or how I don’t fully comprehend or appreciate. How often have I found knowledge insufficient to cause my actions to change, how often has my understanding been at conflict with my head and with my heart. But clarity comes, knowledge is found, and the world is a different place. Or rather different from what you thought it to be. And seeing how it is and where you stand in it means that you can move, and you can change.


  1. What clarity is it you've come to my friend?

  2. Ahhh that would be telling. . . .