Quite Spots in Pullman

I've been forced to slow down, my left foot is swollen and tender - they've got me taking 12 Advil a day along with 4 horse pills of something called Sulfamethoxazole. It's not fun, but its not really that bad, just a painful inconvenience.

I just finished a good book, I've been reading it for quite a while, and finally reached the end. It's interesting how sometimes stories don't end the way you thought that they would when you start, and what is so exciting about well written books, is that when they do not end how you thought that they would, they often end better, and more complete than you thought they could. And like all good books that I have read, I'm finding lessons in it's pages. Lots of obvious lessons, and lots of lessons that I could not fully appreciate until I had reached the stories end. Some books are scary, and make you give on reading, but not all. There are the books that are written so well that they make you want to read more books, to seek out the good ones, maybe write your own.


  1. I concur great pics man!

    On another note, what did you do to your foot?
    What book did you just finish reading?

  2. I think I also might enjoy reading a good book. Do you have any suggestions? PG Wodehouse?

  3. PG Wodehouse's "Damsel in Distress" is amazing!!! Start there - I've got a copy you can borrow if you want