2009 in 13 minutes

2009 from Neil Jeffers on Vimeo.

2009 - A year I won't soon forget.

The year in pictures - most all the pictures I have (about 1000 were misfiled and did not make it in). Sorry none of them are photo shopped, lots of them are of people I don't know. There are some from a few jobs, a few taken while I was working for the city. The weird thing is that I can tell you where each shot was taken, all 8,891 of them. It took forever to piece them all together as the file sizes were starting to get huge, even longer to upload. It's a long piece - 13 minuets so I don't expect many hits. Each shot is only on screen for .125 of a second - so if something seems paused - it's not - it's just several shots in a row.

If you get tired of trying to let it stream - you can download it here


  1. Neil this is pure awesome :) I watched the whole thing and enjoyed it thoroughly.

  2. Sir, you continually astound me.
    God has blessed you so greatly with this talent. Yet it's so amazing how quickly you picked it up and have excelled. Keep up the great work my friend.
    God bless and keep you!

  3. First prize blue ribbons go to..

    Best 1 second sequence starting at: 6:21, 7:15 & 11:25.5

    Best random picture/music sync: 10:39

    Biggest muscles: 4:36

  4. Pretty sweet Neal! I guess we'll have to spend more time together this year, so that I'll get some screen-time if you do another one.

  5. I'm all for that - at least I think I am - I have no idea who you are oh anonymous comment leaver!