Walked around Ballard - could not find anything, could not see anything.  Maybe it's cause I'm to chicken to lie on the ground, maybe it's cause I have not been out taking pictures for quite a while.  Whatever the reason Federal Way, Ballard, Kent, Auburn, Tacoma just seem to be miles and miles of houses and yards and parked cars and busy streets.  There is no space, no small and forgotten areas.  Trash everywhere.  Puddles and rain - can't get the camera wet.  Can't go out.  It takes hours to get away.  Away from people and traffic.  There is no stillness.  Just wet pavement and city lights.


  1. I'm sorry man. Take a trip south here to Vancouver and visit. I got places to walk and take pics. Oooh can even take you into the back areas if you like!

  2. If you time it during the right season (not winter or tornado) the drive to Nebraska may prove helpful. About half way through either Wyoming or Montana and you start to wonder if you are on the same planet you were on when you set out. Visit any time. We'll show you around.