Hmmm . . .

I've made some changes and I need some input.

I do not plan on keeping them all but am interested in what you dear reader think.

Changes so far:

Header Gif -

Side Panel Gif's

Footer Gif

Tracking Software

Search Bar


I'm most up in the air about the gif's.  It's really nice to be able to have the pictures cycle but their quality is limited to 256 color and it is also a distraction from the reading - which not everybody does so maybe that's not a big deal.  I'm also worried that it might take to long to load.

But please, take a minute or two and tell me what you like, tell me what you don't - and really I'm more interested in what you don't like - so if need be please be cruel.


  1. Well in general I like it. I don't think they are to distracting, but then again, I do most of my reading in a separate feed reader.

    The grain from the color reduction does bug me but it depends on the picture. If I were you I would cut out the following due to the noise:

    green trees and river
    driving in the car
    shoes from the side
    sunset and tractor
    green shoots coming up
    lighting the sparklers
    you and camera

    Gif 1:
    You with camera
    sky and road

    gif 2:
    Reduntdant images (looking down on boat, sky and road)
    water going out

    gif 3:
    looks good

    gif 4:
    cat tails
    Windmills (I think that's what they are)
    moon and sunset

    Looks good

    hope that helps!

  2. +1 to what Dan mentions. I especially like the rolling header and footer. When it comes to side bars though, I prefer a clean look. Also, live trafic feeds have always creeped me out a bit.

  3. Dan, Jacob - Thank you for you input. I've decided to go with a static header till I can find enough photos that can stand the restrictions gif's put on images. I've also decided to make the corrections you mentioned Dan with the side panels as well as A)slowing down the transforming B)leaving the imagine there longer - 10/15 second range. Hopefully that way they will not distract the eye.

    I've decided to leave the footer alone.

    I'm torn about the traffic counter - goggle analytics is able to track most of the hits the site gets - but not all. This counter seems to get google misses while missing what google gets. I've had it on before, and I like the info - but I don't like how it extends the page so it might go.

    For now the side panels are going static till I have time to recreate them in photoshop - did not save the .psd file :(