Early morning interviews

A few weeks ago I opened up Craigslist, I then opened up pages for every state and commonwealth in the US.  I then opened up pages Engineering jobs posted for each city listed in each state.  In the end I had a collection of 419 bookmarks. 

I check them daily along with about thirty others. 

Some days I find two jobs, some days I find six, some days I find none.

I applied to a job in Yakima last night. 

I got a call this morning.

Nobody ever calls.


The unplanned, off the cuff, early morning interview went really really well. 

I'm excited and I'm trying not to be.

Trying not to build my hopes up. 

And yet every part of me wants to hope.

1 comment:

  1. Praise the Lord man!
    That's totally awesome! I'm praying for you!
    Please keep us updated bro!