Yakima - 2nd life & Old Men

Went to Yakima today.  I had a second interview for a possible job.  Got there early and went to a Starbucks to kill some time. 

Ordered a 12oz Americano. 

 - and that's where the fun began. 

I stood there fiddling with expensive mugs and marveling at the prices some people will pay for graham crackers when I noticed a group of old men sitting in the corner near the door.  Why do old people seem to haunt coffee houses early in the morning?  I never see them anywhere near a coffee house after 11, but the seem to flock in droves to coffee places, even those fake coffee shops in grocery stores.

Well anyways - Starbucks, Yakima - old men in the corner.  All drip coffee's I'm sure.  There seemed to be a leader of this pack.  A younger fellow in a sporty pastel orange sweater vest, I say younger in that his hair was a darker gray then the rest of his fellow octogenarians.  He was telling them about Second life.

Second life.

Old guy in pastels - on Second Life.  Married on Second Life.  Building a house on a lake in Second Life.

Attending classes and lectures in Second Life.

Giving lectures in Second Life.

And as he spoke from the chair in the center of this aged circle, as he spoke the rest of them nodded their heads, every now and then a grunted mmmmm.  No questions, just rapt attention - and monosyllabic grunts. 

He was telling them that they needed to get on to cyBERspace, really putting a lot of emphasis on the "BER", that cyBERspace (one word) was where the world was going.

I did not know what to think - I laughed to myself, knowing that I really admired his determination to not be technologically left behind - I can only hope to be as mentally active, and inquisitive at his age.

But more than that I hope I'm not wearing pastel sweater vests. 

Argyle yes - pastel no.


  1. Wow! Who knew second life was still around?

  2. Wow man, that's cool.
    I love listening to their stories.
    Thank you for sharing!